SVA 5 generation line may re-pour the verge of shutdown, mid-scale – liquid crystal panel, on radio and television – network appliance industry-hc360

Outgoing message, suppliers do not want to revert to SVA Five lines offer including raw materials, including glass substrates, while still maintaining the inventory of raw materials live only to hold out in October.

Close to the SVA NEC, told this newspaper, the current SVA to potential buyers by the constant processing of Wuhan LCD panel To maintain production capacity is about less than three percent. If buyers do not be finalized as soon as possible, was halted after the restoration of production capacity, will cost more energy then those who drive financial.

Plan in August then set dragged
Recently, BOE 8 on behalf of the line of the foundation, receiving 13.8 billion CLP Panda Sharp 6 Line, LG For 3 billion construction of eight on behalf of the line in Guangzhou, when the liquid crystal within the foreign investment Panel Of the decisive battle has begun. In the high-generation LCD panel line frequently launched, the SVA Five lines are still struggling with the issue of access plate.
Fangjian news that Shanghai SVA NEC LCD Co., Ltd. owed suppliers, distributors and other funds nearly 100 million dollars. As the arrears of customs-related duties, import and export of all business has been stopped. Dealers have debt collection throughout the home.

Protracted sale of matters, SVA NEC’s manufacturing operations are basically at a standstill. In addition to a large number of debt need to be resolved, the production line SVA Five less than three percent, regardless of who will take over and resume production requires large amounts of equipment Service Funds, these funds do not buy the Five lines in the overall price. Informed sources said the current operating status line to see the Five, to allow it to continue operating, at least 500 000 000 -8 100 million yuan in cash. This is certainly not those who received a small plate test.
Previously, the company’s operations team broadcasting Five lines have been thinking of ways to allow the company to maintain operations, to facilitate access to new employers as soon as they resume production. SVA Five Line insiders said the company had spread the news on August 1st Nisshin employers came over, to resume production, but it now appears, drag the earliest after National Day.

The constant to “rescue-style” collaboration
Choose to have “central rate”, mid-marquee name of, or the highest, the greatest sincerity in constant Wuhan, Shanghai municipal government has also repeatedly weigh the two potential buyers.
Newspaper reported late last month, due to the highest bidder in the constant group, and promised 100 million U.S. dollars profit each year, also promised to build more generation line vote (8 on behalf of the line), the Shanghai municipal government has been inclined to SVA Five Line sold in the constant. But the reporter was informed yesterday, the balance began to policy-makers, mid-tilt. But the source did not disclose specific reasons.

, Mid-Shanghai Tianma Micro in Shanghai Electronic Company, Shanghai SASAC also its shareholders, approximately 49% of the shares held by Shanghai Tianma. Shanghai Tianma participation has been very much valued the reorganization had received more pre-determined, mid-plate Five line SVA. However, in Wuhan, Hang strong “foreign interference”, the decision makers attitude swings.
SVA NEC internal sources, the current in the constant SVA Group has five lines of the processing on behalf of co-operation. August 5th generation production lines which produce mind driving 300 000, occupying 25% of capacity, opened in September 500 000, occupying 40% of capacity, in October 800 000, occupying 70% of capacity. Also means that once the constant, mid-PK in and defeated, this “rescue-style” cooperation will be considered stopped.

“Finance” magazine reported in constant Wuhan Zhong-Qiu Li, chairman of “very persistent”, since mid-July this year, I have been stationed in Shanghai two and a half. But Lee also said the restructuring “Imagination is more complex than the outside world”, things do not have a result.
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NEC projector 20000 lumens brightness superimposed edge dominate – projectors, office equipment – office supplies industry

Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, Li Ning’s running clouds constantly flowing with the scene gave its audience of millions, of emotions, but then very few people know this is the professional engineering Projector Created a masterpiece. Recently, NEC announced a new project LCD Projector New?? NP3250 + series (including the NP3250 + / NP2250 + / NP1250 + / NP3250W +), is specifically for the industrial market, a series of new, high brightness, high intelligence, cost-effective advantages, its stand-alone Up to 3700 lumens -5,000 lumens brightness, and can make use of the NEC’s first intelligent overlay solution, easy to reach 20,000 lumens of brightness, fully meet the industry highlighting the market demand on the projector.

Along with projector technology continues to mature, large-screen projection is widely used in professional engineering military, medical, transportation, power, museums, galleries, and science Education And many other industries, with their strong professional, large display area features such as the brightness of the projector on the project has a higher demand. The new NEC NP3250 + series can be built out of NEC’s first intelligent overlay solution to achieve up to 4 units NP3250 + of superposition, to 20,000 lumens brightness. Intelligent adjustment settings can NP3250 + series in 2 minutes to complete automatic calibration overlay, and the overall procurement costs Gengshi Bi single equivalent brightness projector reduced 80%.

Projector products as an important technical indicators, brightness is the soul of the projector. To know that the greater the projected area, the brightness per unit area was less, how large projection range to obtain the required projection effects, and effective cost control at the same time, has become another important industry issues. Improve the projection brightness upgrade mainly single and multi-machine overlay of two ways, due to technical development bottlenecks, improve the brightness of a single projector, will inevitably lead to the geometric increase in cost. It is understood that the market has more than 20,000 single-lumen projector price up to 100 million yuan, the high figure for many industrial users can only hope machine sigh. Therefore, by stacking multiple projectors to increase the brightness becomes an important means used by the industry.

Projector applications in engineering, through multi-machine overlay to achieve the required brightness is a common method, but due to the scope of the projector lens shift limits, to achieve a maximum of 2 sets of overlapping, naturally reach brightness less than the required application. The launch of the NEC machine intelligent overlay solution 4 succeeded in breaking the two-plane stacking technology industry, the bottleneck has become a leader in the industry’s premier, 20,000 lumens of brightness more easily meet the industry’s use of large scale projection environment.
A high-quality intelligence solutions, brightness mark a breakthrough in the success, while other support functions not be ignored. NECNP3250 + series is compatible with WindowsVista system, and has double the wireless cable network functions, HQV Hollywood-quality video effects, DICOM international medical standard analog mode and other advanced features to ensure NP3250 + high-brightness projection products of high quality images, to better used in various industries.

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