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After the American Airlines Flight 587 crash in 2001, the NTSB ruled the first officer was excessive in his use of rudder inputs, which ultimately led to the tail fin snapping off. Since the accident, American Airlines has updated their pilot training program and the FAA has implemented new training regulations for pilots.

1. Collision Avoidance Systems Collision Avoidance Systems have been a priority in the aerospace industry since the inception of flight. In 1956, a TWA jet crashed into a United Airlines flight above the Grand Canyon. The incident was the first of many that illustrated the need for increased communication between planes. A few years later, the Federal Aviation Administration was formed to set guidelines for aviation in the United States, but still, issues remained. Several other two-plane accidents — including a 1996 collision near New Delhi that resulted in 349 casualties — emphasized the need for advanced anti-collision technology. After a congressional ruling in 1991, the FAA implemented the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System, which monitors the airspace around an aircraft independent of air traffic control. “TCAS really came about in the late ’90s, and since then, I don’t think we’ve really seen a collision between two airlines,” noted Phil Seymour, president and COO of the International Bureau of Aviation, a consultancy that offers analysis and advice to the aviation industry. Firemen examining the wreckage of a British Airtours 747 that burst into flames at Manchester Airport. 2. Roomier seats Coach may seem pretty crammed these days, but according to Seymour, there’s a limit to how much plane manufacturers are allowed to shave off the space around seats. In fact, modern-day seat layout has been rigorously calculated to carry out the most effective evacuation.
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