Business Portable Projector Nec Np41 + Big Drop 2000

NEC NP series just arrive soon portable Projector Recently, the city ushered in the Zhongguancun projection cut prices, which are sold after the price cut NP41 + 10,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan and has a lower than before. Aircraft models in brightness in this series are relatively low, for the 2300 lumens, but as a feature rich and robust, portable XGA models in this price is worth our attention, especially the price down by a huge occasion.

As a portable model, NECNP41 + application with NEC original new cooling system that uses a cooling pump to replace the projector in one of the heat Fan To reduce the bulb temperature is more efficient, making portable computer can also use the state in the long run to be stable. NECNP41 + This model body size is 246 × 177 × 72mm, can be easily installed on the size of the backpack, and its weight of only 1.7kg.

Portable projector for the corporate market, the course focuses on the use of the projector’s ease of use, a higher demand. NECNP41 + with automatic start, automatic signal search, automatic real-time focus, auto vertical keystone correction feature allows the user to use the change easier. In addition it also supports nine kinds of background color correction, there is no curtain in the case of the white walls, white board, etc. automatically close the curtain on the projection. The machine also supports direct shutdown, a new cooling system in support of business users will be able to demonstrate after the projector away, without waiting projector cool.

As a portable projector, NECNP41 + also supports the mainstream of non-PC presentation capabilities, which body has the standard USB interface, business users can use USB storage devices, such as U disk This projector can be projected directly U disk The GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP format, under certain conditions will greatly facilitate the users, such as we subject to carry Notebook .

Basic performance NECNP41 + Texas Instruments 0.55-inch single-chip DLP, 6 segment color wheel, the ultimate use of easy access to the perfect color, the output of natural images. 2300 lumens brightness plane resolution of 1024 × 768, contrast ratio of 1500:1, which can meet the needs of small conference rooms. Machine lamp life up to 2500 hours in normal mode.

NEC NP41 +  Types of portable business projector projection DLP projector technology types and specifications of 0.55-inch single-chip DLP nominal brightness (ISO lumens) 2,300 standard resolution 1024 × 768 Contrast Ratio 1500:1 Projection Shot Manual zoom and auto focus (Effective range: 1.5 m -5.5 m) / manual focus (F2.2-F2.34, f = 20.4mm-24.5mm) Projection Screen Size 33-300 inches wide-screen projection from 1.45-13.45 m high proportion of 4:3 adjustment function Automatic / Manual ± 40 degrees maximum projection function of the wireless terminal does not support the importation of a D-Sub mini 15-pin computer inputs, one composite input (shared with computer), an RCA video input, 1 S Terminal RS-232 input and output terminal bulb 200WAC (normal mode) / 170W (Eco mode) lamp life standard accessories carrying case, power cord, computer signal lines Battery , Remote control, CD, manual, warranty card 6 other features color wheel, BrilliantColor, second-generation “air pump cooling system”, automatic start, automatic signal search, automatic real-time focus, power protection body length and width dimensions High 246 × 177 × 72mm Weight 1.7kg
Comment: NEC provides a cost-effective in the education of use of NP500 +, NP600 + after the launch for business people update NP Series laptop models, while enhancing the brightness of the new machine is more heat dissipation Well, more feature-rich, such as adding features such as no PC demo, but after the price cuts are a huge cost-effective upgrade you can look at business users.

NEC NP41 +: 10000
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