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In LCD Monitor Appears, very low power consumption, coupled with excellent appearance, making many consumers rush it; with the LCD in 2008 Monitor Industry price declines, many small screen L CD Market was fully active up; and 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor LCD market has now hot to the extreme, although many businesses have seen the market demand exceeds supply in the form of product prices have increased, but still did not reduce small-size LCD market, the hot level. Today we introduce the SVA19-inch widescreen LCD monitor SVA1901XB only the price of 850 yuan, while also providing a three-year warranty, very suitable for mass use, we can take a look.

SVA is a long history of the famous Shanghai, Shanghai SVA Group is one of Shanghai’s largest state-owned groups, the former Venus brand TV is the company’s products. SVA has China’s first LCD panel production line, considered an expert in the flat panel display area level. SVA products durable, reliable, and very suitable for mass user selection.
SVA SVA 19-inch LCD monitor M1901XB arrival SVA19-inch widescreen LCD 1901XB in appearance with the classic black style, narrow frame design makes Machine Looks very serious, giving a brief and simple feeling. In appearance design, SVAM1901XB and early listing M1901WA using the same mold, as a whole as the main colors in black, with the now popular on the narrow border, in brief and simple in the sense of revealing a touch of fashion.

SVA SVA M1901XB LCD base SVAM1901XB order to facilitate the use of the consumer, will set the OSD button below in the display, various functions are marked, clear, operate very smoothly and according to such circumstances will not be wrong. SVAM1901XB the top left there is “SVA” Logo, metallic material, and the overall look is more refined.
LCD SVA SVA M1901XB , Of course, in performance, SVAM1901XB still not a small improvement, first of all it uses the NEC NEC LCD panel and the circuit board. The integration of resources and the Japanese Mitsui & Co., Ltd., its product quality will naturally not bad, and we have every reason to believe that its arrival will bring a good market response. It’s brightness as the standard 300cd/m2, 16:10 ratio screen resolution of 1440 * 900, the response time it also reached 5ms, the same time, it is to upgrade to a 1000:1 static contrast ratio of display The upgrade is very helpful.

SVA SVA M1901XB LCD Shucu Interface SVA19 inch LCD M1901XB the back of the very clean design, integration, the atmosphere, cooling holes are also very reasonable division, can help to heat; a VGA output connector, can withstand repeatedly plug, but also sufficient to meet General home and use the Internet cafe.
Editor Comments: SVA19 compared to LCD M1901XB and predecessor, the use of NEC NEC LCD panel and the circuit board, so performance, has been greatly improved. In particular, color reduction, the even more colorful. Of course, the price remains the biggest selling point of this monitor, it costs only 850 yuan, a friend can go to businesses like that look.

LCD SVA SVA M1901XB Price 850 for reference
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