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Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, Li Ning’s running clouds constantly flowing with the scene gave its audience of millions, of emotions, but then very few people know this is the professional engineering Projector Created a masterpiece. Recently, NEC announced a new project LCD Projector New?? NP3250 + series (including the NP3250 + / NP2250 + / NP1250 + / NP3250W +), is specifically for the industrial market, a series of new, high brightness, high intelligence, cost-effective advantages, its stand-alone Up to 3700 lumens -5,000 lumens brightness, and can make use of the NEC’s first intelligent overlay solution, easy to reach 20,000 lumens of brightness, fully meet the industry highlighting the market demand on the projector.

Along with projector technology continues to mature, large-screen projection is widely used in professional engineering military, medical, transportation, power, museums, galleries, and science Education And many other industries, with their strong professional, large display area features such as the brightness of the projector on the project has a higher demand. The new NEC NP3250 + series can be built out of NEC’s first intelligent overlay solution to achieve up to 4 units NP3250 + of superposition, to 20,000 lumens brightness. Intelligent adjustment settings can NP3250 + series in 2 minutes to complete automatic calibration overlay, and the overall procurement costs Gengshi Bi single equivalent brightness projector reduced 80%.

Projector products as an important technical indicators, brightness is the soul of the projector. To know that the greater the projected area, the brightness per unit area was less, how large projection range to obtain the required projection effects, and effective cost control at the same time, has become another important industry issues. Improve the projection brightness upgrade mainly single and multi-machine overlay of two ways, due to technical development bottlenecks, improve the brightness of a single projector, will inevitably lead to the geometric increase in cost. It is understood that the market has more than 20,000 single-lumen projector price up to 100 million yuan, the high figure for many industrial users can only hope machine sigh. Therefore, by stacking multiple projectors to increase the brightness becomes an important means used by the industry.

Projector applications in engineering, through multi-machine overlay to achieve the required brightness is a common method, but due to the scope of the projector lens shift limits, to achieve a maximum of 2 sets of overlapping, naturally reach brightness less than the required application. The launch of the NEC machine intelligent overlay solution 4 succeeded in breaking the two-plane stacking technology industry, the bottleneck has become a leader in the industry’s premier, 20,000 lumens of brightness more easily meet the industry’s use of large scale projection environment.
A high-quality intelligence solutions, brightness mark a breakthrough in the success, while other support functions not be ignored. NECNP3250 + series is compatible with WindowsVista system, and has double the wireless cable network functions, HQV Hollywood-quality video effects, DICOM international medical standard analog mode and other advanced features to ensure NP3250 + high-brightness projection products of high quality images, to better used in various industries.

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