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Everything unpredictable, and who knows the world of American economic power only solution is out of the battered subprime mortgage crisis dragged down the global economy, and in 2009, more than usual earlier this spring broke caught Japanese home appliance manufacturers performance huge loss of mud in the news. Media information, Panasonic recently announced fiscal 2008 net loss of 4.2 billion U.S. dollars of profit expectations, which is since 2002 the first annual net loss of Matsushita Electric. Hitachi, Sony , Sharp , NEC and other news of earnings warning, has been brilliant moment of 9 major Japanese electronics giant mass into the quagmire of the performance loss. Past week, the Japanese company have announced production cuts Layoffs Cut investment savings to weather the crisis as soon as possible.

Hitachi’s latest reported a third quarter fiscal 2008 net loss of 371 billion yen, compared with 12.5 billion yen a year earlier net profit of very different at the same time, due to the uncertain economic outlook, Hitachi aspects of the total expected net loss in fiscal 2008 will reach 700 billion yen. NEC in the third quarter of fiscal deficit has reached 131 billion yen, NEC regard that as the economic situation is not optimistic, and the investment depreciation and implementation of restructuring,,

NEC2008-year loss of up to 299 billion yen.
Sony in October 23, 2008 cut its annual profit to 150 billion yen, compared with 369.4 billion yuan in 2007 decreased 59%; January 24 this year, Sony in turn expected a loss of 1500 amended billion yen, it will be Sony’s biggest loss in 14 years. Sharp, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sanyo Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, 5 this is no two ways about loss of electrical company. Initial indications are that only in the third quarter of fiscal 2008, Japan had nine losses of electrical manufacturers more than 800 billion yen.

Losses after the move is job cuts: Hitachi announced that it would cut 910 to more than 700 subsidiaries and plans to lay off about 7,000 people, including automated systems departments to cut 4,000 employees, also in the television business to cut 3,000 jobs, Hitachi side said the move will save the company in the next fiscal year, about 200 billion yen in operating expenses.
Panasonic Panasonic will be before the end of March this year, closed 13 factories in China, while closing 14 factories in foreign countries, roughly 10% of the total number of factories. Not only that, as main products Flat Panel TV Recent sales slump, Matsushita also plans to compression equipment investment, the Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan cities and Himeji plant under construction in flat-panel TV production delay for six months, and 1.5 million job cuts worldwide. Sony also plans to integrate LCD TV And semiconductor manufacturing sectors, and close a plant into about the same time, e-business sector in more than 16 000 job cuts; Sharp plans to cut 1,500 domestic plants informal workers; Toshiba plans to cut 4,500 domestic informal workers; NEC plans to lay off 2 people at home and abroad, and close domestic three factories.

Statistics: Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony and other Japanese makers lay off 9 the number of large appliances will exceed 6.5 million, a record high.
Straw into the Chinese market, target 4 trillion For large Pre-losing, Sony (China) in response to an interview with reporters: Sony (China) will actively cooperate with the Sony Group to enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness initiatives. Although the external form and internal strategies are changing and adjusting, but the Chinese as the “Sony Group, the largest potential growth market” and “operating an important part of the value chain” status will not change. Panasonic (China), said: will continue to increase in China’s market development, while controlling operating costs within the company to cut costs. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as Tdm Over Ethernet Manufacturer , Tdm Over Ethernet for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits TDM Over IP Device.