USB-IF Certifies World’s First USB3.0 Host Adapters And USB3.0 Mass Storage From I O Interconnect

Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) January 5, 2010 — I O Interconnect, Ltd. (IOI) becomes the world’s very first USB-IF certified USB 3.0 host and device solution provider for desktop and notebook systems. IOI offers unprecedented variety of USB 3.0 solutions to address wide range of user scenarios for various platforms and devices, working closely with NEC Electronics America even before NEC Electronics’s xHCI host controller was certified. With its solutions, IOI has opened , and opening up venues for device controller vendors to certify their solutions with USB-IF

“At NEC Electronics America, we believe that IO Interconnect is offering excellent add-in card solutions to the newly emerging market for USB 3.0,” said Kats Nakazawa, general manager, digital consumer and connectivity strategic business unit, NEC Electronics America, Inc. “A wave of new USB 3.0 SuperSpeed external storage systems is now entering the marketplace, and IO Interconnect is poised well to offer exciting new USB 3.0 add-in card interfaces to quickly enable this rapidly growing market.”

IOI’s certified offerings include a SATA – USB3.0 Mass Storage Bridge and PCIe Expansion Card and Notebook Express Card versions of the USB3.0 Host Adapters based on NEC Electronics’s host controller and SATA – USB3.0 Mass Storage Bridge. “Several of our customers, that are global PC OEM vendors, have been the driving force behind our USB3.0 development efforts,” says Johnny Chen, Director of Product Development at IOI, “we think the PC users are already well primed to migrate to the faster transfer speed of 4.8Gbps offered by USB3.0, with the ubiquity of USB devices.”

In recent months IOI expanded and upgraded its development and manufacturing capacity for the demands of high bandwidth products, allowing IOI’s development team to accelerate USB3.0 product development efforts. “Our goal is to provide a complete ecosystem in USB3.0, and to offer our OEM customers a one-stop-shop for design, qualification and manufacturing for USB3.0 products. We have reached another milestone with the USB-IF certification at the PIL,” says Chen.

Some of IOI’s unique offerings include USB 3.0 accessibility to the front interface port where portable devices will gain ready access to the Super Speed USB bandwidth for fast transfers and executions, and the world’s first USB3.0 Host in PCIe Mini (half length) form factor, and single port Express Host Card that does away with the wall plug, along with USB3.0 SATA Bridges and USB3.0 Hub. These products and more will be displayed during CES 2010 at IOI’s booth (booth # 30769) within the USB-IF Tech Zone.

Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, with facilities in China and Taiwan, I O Interconnect designs and manufactures premium hardware and software solutions for the PC market. For further inquiries on USB3.0 offerings from IOI, please contact Kevin Liu at +1-714-564-1111 Ext. 1411, email: kevinl(at)ioint(dot)com.