Attrition: Another Medical Miracle

Only the medics got packets (usually two) of Woundstat powder. That’s because this is only needed for deep wounds and has a theoretical risk of causing fatal clots if it gets into the bloodstream. WoundStat was but one of many new medical tools for battlefield medicine that greatly increased the effectiveness of the immediate (within minutes or seconds after getting hit) medical care for troops. This effort consisted of three programs. First, there was the development of new medical tools and treatments that troops could be quickly and safely be taught to use. This included stuff like HemCon. Then came the equipping of medics (about one for every 30 or so combat troops) with more powerful tools, so that troops were less likely to bleed to death or suffocate from certain types of wounds that are not fatal if treated quickly enough. Finally, there was the Combat Lifesaver program, which more than tripled the number of “medics” by putting selected soldiers through a 40 hour CLS (Combat Lifesaver) course in the most common medical procedures soldiers can perform to deal with the most dangerous types of wounds usually encountered. These CLS trained soldiers are not medics, of course, but they do make available in combat crucial medical treatments. Thus they are sort of “medics lite,” which is close enough if you are badly wounded and in need of some prompt medical treatment. During the last two centuries major wars have tended to produce significant improvements in medical care. This is what has happened since September 11, 2001 but in a much accelerated fashion. For example, since 2001, over two million American troops went off to war and about two percent of them were killed or wounded. Only 12 percent of the 57,000 combat zone injuries were fatal, the lowest percentage in military history. This was largely due to major improvements in dealing with rapid blood loss (as when a major artery is severed) and the increased speed with which complex medical care could be delivered to wounded troops. New medical technologies also made it possible to detect injuries (like brain trauma) that, in the past, was very difficult to detect and treat. The Combat Lifesaver course teaches the troops how to do things like insert breathing tubes and other emergency surgical procedures to restore breathing.
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Stray Bullet From Altercation Killed Sarasota Teen |, The Tampa Tribune And The Tampa Times

Frank Brice, left, and Jasper Dudley, both 19, of Manatee County, face murder charges in the shooting death of a high school student.

Bradenton people, her sister told investigators. As they were heading for the exit, gunfire broke out, and one of the bullets hit Rawls in the head, dying as her sister and friend raced for help before locating an amblance on the way. Two men face murder charges after the shooting. Frank Brice, 19, of Palmetto, turned himself into authorities Tuesday, and Jasper Dudley, 19, of Bradenton, was taken into custody Monday night. A witness said the gunfire began as a group of youths had gathered outside the Royal Palm Theater, 5126 26th St. E., shortly before 2 a.m., according to an arrest affidavit. The witness said several vehicles, including a white sports utility vehicle, began to drive around the lots perimeter. According to the witness, the SUVs driver fired a gunshot into the air and another in an unknown direction, the affidavit said. The vehicles then attempted to flee. The witness said two men, later identified as Brice and Dudley, then began to fire several rounds at the fleeing vehicles, the Manatee County Sheriffs Office said. Rawls, her sister, Jeniyah Moore, and a friend driving their gold Dodge, Clyde Lee, were already heading for the lots south exit, the affidavit said. Moore told investigators she began to hear gunshots and turned around, when she saw Rawls bleeding from the head and collapsing in the backseat, the affidavit said. Lee continued to drive toward Sarasota in an attempt to get Rawls to a hospital, investigators said. Lee located an ambulance and Florida Highway Patrol vehicle just south of University Parkway, investigators said. He stopped to get assistance, but Rawls was pronounced dead. Earlier, Rawls, who attended Riverview High School, and Moore had been at the Touch of Class nightclub in Bradenton for a teen party that ended at 12:30 a.m., the affidavit said. They left in the Dodge and soon after met up with Lee and another youth who were in another vehicle, the affidavit said. Lee changed vehicles and began to drive the Dodge. They decided to check out a party at the Bradenton Riverwalk, then learned the gathering was moved to the theater, the affidavit said. They were only at the parking lot a short time before deciding to leave and the shooting began, the affidavit said. The SUV and its driver were later located by authorities, the sheriffs office said. He denied having a gun or shooting from the vehicle, the affidavit said.
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